Thursday, 18 February 2010

latest for Vietnam-US RTO

The first US soldier rolls off the workbench, a RTO crouching holding handset to his ear.

Monday, 1 February 2010

28mm (1/60 scale) Vietnam

I decided it was time for something new, so for some reason I plumped for the Vietnam War. The American figures will be 27/28mm to eye level with the Vietnamese measuring around 25/26mm to eye level.

This all sounds a little complicated but I wanted the Vietnamese to be slightly shorter than the Americans to reflect their slightly shorter stature. This meant that I would be working to a scale of 1/60 allowing me to make scale weapons.

These are the first two VC figures, one with SKS rifle and one with an AK47. They are both passive but I will be moving on to some more dynamic poses, I wanted something to start on to gat the clothing and equipment sorted in my own mind

The two figures were built up from wire armatures, something else I wanted to do to get a little more variety in the stances although I will also be working from dollies I created whilst doing the first few weapons.