Sunday, 26 September 2010

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Vietnam M113 part 2

Ok, so next stage done, main wheels complete, drive wheels and idler to finish. main body shape ready for fixtures and fittings.
The holes for the hatches are now in place as are the main panels ready to start adding the detail, periscopes and hatch detail. The hatches will be separate metal castings along with the weaponry. I am hoping to get two variants done, a basic M113A1 and an ACAV version, perhaps with additional floatation devices on the bow brake which will again be a separate metal casting as will the side skirts.
Stay tuned for part 3, the detail bits then the tracks. I am still not too sure how I am going to do the tracks but I am sure I will sort something out.

Monday, 20 September 2010

M113 for Vietnam Part 1

I decided it was time to make some transport for the US in Vietnam, so the M113 project began.

Here are some photos of the start of the project showing how I built up the hull shape with plasticard, the photo above shows the basic model with Parkfield figure to indicate the size of the model. The actual vehicle is not actually very tall, the top of the hull is 6ft from the ground, so not a bad fit if I say so myself.

I plan to make the hull in resin with the wheel assemblies and accessories in metal. The wheels are plastic rod cut down, the next stage is to fill the hollows with magic sculpt and impress the detail using a die I have made from magic sculpt. The next stage, if it works, will show the wheel detail done.

The model was designed to a scale of 1/55, a reasonable size to fit in with 28mm figures, the body is resting on the basic wheel assemblies at present to get some idea of how they will look together.

Monday, 6 September 2010

New 28mm Vietnam figures

Kit Carson scouts in a variety of dress with a variety of weapons
Prone US M 60 crew