Sunday, 11 April 2010

More 28mm VC for Vietnam

The next batch are now underway. My intention is to produce, at least to start with, enough figures to create a squad each for the US and VC forces. I am aiming at 9 figures of each then a few variants before moving onto, maybe, ARVN and VC Main Force figures.

Above is a kneeling VC firing an SKS rifle, hat still needed. Of course, the VC figures will be easier to alter just by changing the headgear to a non la-a conical rice straw hat.
Above is a VC squad leader and RPD gunner with, below, a view of the three figures I have got farthest with so far. I am working on a few more US infantry figures to include a squad leader, grunt with M-79 grenade launcher and one with M-60.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Parkfield Miniatures Vietnam comparisons

The centre figure is from the new Parkfield Miniatures 28mm range of figures with, on the left. a FoA figure and on the right, a figure from TAG