Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New Age of Arthur and more

I have just about done a few archers for both the British and the Picts, as you can see, the figures are 28mm tall and more in proportion than my previous figures.
The four archers in a row, just gone for a bit of variety in the poses so that I can alter the masters after the first castings with cloaks, hoods or helmets. Also along with these four will be some Pict Noble warriors with spear and shield, cavalry will follow along with more command types and maybe a few characters.

Now for something completely different, a few weapons to a scale of approximately 1/60 for a new range of figures for the Vietnam War I am going to be working on. the dollies are made and measure 28mm to eye level so as t omatch up with other available ranges. The weapons are made with a mix of ProCreate and Magic Sculp, both of which I like using and have been known to mix them together to get sharper lines.More news as and when things progress.

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dan said...

I like teh guns. Brown stuff is great. do you ever has trouble casting with it?