Saturday, 24 September 2011

South American Liberators

Just a quick update at the moment to let you know where I am with this new project.   I am almost ready now for the first batch to be complete ready for mould making and then casting.  With luck these should be ready in time for Warfare in November.

First up, the Army of the Andes wearing their short jackets the Argentines of San Martin wore when they crossed the Andes.   These were the first I did and made these marching with various arm positions to give a little variety in a unit.

 Next we have the first of the royalists wearing the summer dress white short jacket and covered shakos.  Again these all have slight differences, mainly in the position of the musket.
Each side has a flank company man and one infantryman wearing a forage cap together with officer, drummer and ensign figures, only on of these as the battalions only carried one flag each.

Now I am only left with the NCO figures I want to be able to package the command up as a pack of four figures.

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Mr. Bigglesworth said...

Top notch mate. Beautiful work.